Types of Crochet Hooks

types of crochet hooks

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These days there are so many different brands, styles, and types of crochet hooks. It’s hard to know what to choose. Add into that, you have hooks that are long like knitting needles and oh man; it’s just so overwhelming. Read through this post about the different types of crochet hooks, and then decide what type is right for you!

Bamboo Crochet Hooks

bamboo crochet hooks
Image by Miroslavik from Pixabay

Bamboo crochet hooks are much lighter than most other hooks. The benefit of being lightweight is that it will help avoid hand fatigue when it comes to crocheting for lengths of time. It is also said that they are good for beginners because they are not as slick as a metal or plastic hook. They come in a variety of sizes, except for the smallest size and jumbo.

Steel Crochet Hooks

steel crochet hooks
Image by Ronni of Noisy Critters

Steel hooks are your smallest crochet hooks and typically used with fine crochet thread to make items such as ornaments and doilies. Because of this, they are sometimes also referred to as thread crochet hooks.

Aluminum Crochet Hooks

Image by Ronni of Noisy Critters

Your typical basic crochet hooks are made from aluminum. Aluminum hooks are common for beginners to use because they slide easily through and across the yarn, making it easier to work quickly and easily. Aluminum hooks are made in a wide variety of sizes.

Light-Up Crochet Hooks

If you have ever found yourself moving to a different room or trying to work under little light at night as to not wake someone up, light-up hooks might be for you! The light is typically right at the tip so you can see where you are inserting your hook when crocheting. Some have interchangeable hooks so that you don’t have to buy each size separately.

Plastic Crochet Hooks

types of crochet hooks
Image by M W from Pixabay

Most plastic hooks are hollow, so they are lightweight. They come in a wide variety of sizes, including jumbo ones. The jumbo sizes are nice when working with super bulky, or jumbo, yarn.

Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Image by Ronni of Noisy Critters

Tunisian crochet hooks are a lot longer than your typical crochet hook. This allows you to keep stitches on your hook. They look like a knitting needle with a hook on the end. There are many different stitches you can do with Tunisian crochet versus regular crochet, and some even look like knitting stitches. These hooks can also be referred to as afghan hooks. Some Tunisian crochet hooks are all metal, and some are a metal hook with a type of cord on the end, allowing for more flexibility.

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Image by Ronni of Noisy Critters

Ergonomic crochet hooks have softer handles that provide extra comfort when working for long periods of time. These hooks may be helpful to crocheters that suffer from pain when crocheting that may be caused by conditions such as arthritis. Talk with your doctor about how these crochet hooks can increase comfort when crocheting. Ergonomic crochet hooks can be made from various materials including metal and wood.

Knook Hooks

Knook hooks are are long crochet hooks where yarn or thread can be inserted in a hole at the end of the hook. This provides a stitch that looks similar to knitting stitches.

What about the different size hooks?

Yes, I’m telling you that in addition to the different styles of hooks and the materials they’re made of, there are a bunch of different sizes. All of the sizes are made for different things. Find out all of the details on what hooks to use with different yarns and threads.

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