The Book Drop Subscription Review

the book drop subscription review

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I’ve reviewed Book of the Month and Bookcase.Club subscription boxes in the past, and in my Best Book Subscriptions for 2021 post, I discussed that I had a The Book Drop box on its way and would review once I received it! I’ve finished my first book from this subscription, so here is my The Book Drop subscription review.

I’ll go over the main things I think about when I’m looking at a book subscription. Of course, if you have questions I didn’t answer here, you can comment, find me on Facebook or Instagram, or check out The Book Drop website as well.

1. Pricing

At $17.99 per month (plus shipping), The Book Drop definitely isn’t the most expensive nor least expensive option for a book subscription. You get one paperback book each month, chosen by The Book Drop.

If you’re looking for hardback books and more bang for your buck, The Book Drop might not be for you.

Now on the other hand, The Book Drop does support local bookstores through their subscription service. So, if supporting indie bookstores is more your concern than what you pay or what you get, The Book Drop will be perfect for you. I’m not exactly sure how it works; if they’re just supporting one indie bookstore or several. The information is likely on their website.

2. Shipping

You do pay for shipping with The Book Drop. The cost is $3.99. The packages ship around the middle of the month. It’s a very reasonable shipping cost, and I’m assuming they are able to ship media mail since they’re shipping a book.

The shipping isn’t super fast. I would typically get charged at the very beginning of the month, and my book wouldn’t ship until the middle of the month. Then, it would take over a week to get here. Maybe I’m spoiled by Book of the Month shipping where I get charged, a couple days later, I pick books, and then they’re on my doorstep within 4-7 days. However, this is just something to consider. Your subscription with The Book Drop is not packed immediately. They are on a schedule to send their packages out between the 15th and 19th of each month, from my understanding.

the book drop subscription review

3. Book Selection

While you don’t get to choose your specific book, you do get to choose what genre(s) you would like to receive. Here are the options to choose from:

  • Books for Tea: Historical, Contemporary, Literary
  • Books for Bubbly: Romance, Chick Lit, Friendships
  • Books for Coffee: Thrillers, Mystery, Murder
  • Books for Elixir: Fantasy, Magic, Adventure

You can also choose between the following “Blends” for your genre choice. With these blends, your genre alternates every month.

  • Tea and Coffee: Historical & Literary Fiction + Thrillers
  • Coffee and Bubbly: Thrillers + Romance
  • Bubbly and Tea: Romance + Historical & Literary Fiction
  • Elixir and Bubbly: Fantasy + Romance
  • Elixir and Tea: Fantasy + Historical & Literary Fiction
  • Elixir and Coffee: Fantasy + Thrillers

You can also choose the “Large Print” genre which sends you one Large Print paperback in a variety of genres. However, the main focus here is historical fiction and romance.

There are also options for young adults and children.

4. Subscription Length Variety

There are obviously a lot of genre options as shown above. For this section, I wanted to show you how you can choose between different subscription options: 1-Month, 3-Month, 6-Month, and 12-Month. The 3-Month, 6-Month, and 12-Month subscriptions are prepay, and you do save a little bit by choosing these options. It breaks down to a savings of about $0.50 per month with the 6- and 12-Month options compared to the monthly option.

the book drop subscription review, book subscription boxes, book subscriptions

Overall, I would recommend The Book Drop, all depending on what you’re looking to get out of it. I enjoyed the majority of the books I have received, and some are books I wouldn’t have chosen for myself otherwise. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have used The Book Drop in the past or if you decide to give it a shot. I do not have a referral or affiliate link for The Book Drop; just sharing my experience!

Happy Reading,

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