Stitch Markers and How to Use Them

how to use stitch markers

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When I started making my own stitch markers to sell on Etsy, and sharing them, I realized that not everyone (even crocheters and knitters) are aware of what they are, or how to use them. Of course, every time I find a way to educate people when it comes to crocheting, I take it, and write a blog post. So, let’s talk about stitch markers and how to use them.

What are stitch markers?

Stitch markers, also known as progress keepers, are meant to help you keep track of your stitches and/or rows in your crochet and knitting projects. They can also be used to hold your place when you leave off on a project, so you don’t have to worry about the hook falling out and your project coming unraveled.

Different types of clasps and closures

Although there are many types of clasps and closures out there, I make my stitch markers with three different options on most sets. If you purchase a crochet starter set of hooks from somewhere like Amazon, odds are that they’ll come with a set of plastic stitch markers. Check out this set to see what I’m talking about and maybe snag some inexpensive ergonomic hooks!

The three different types I use are rings, lobster clasps, and lever back clasps. Rings are used only for knitting, since it’s possible to remove closed rings from knitting needles. I do not knit, so that’s as far as I can comment when it comes to that. Lobster clasps are the clasps where you pull down the levers, and a spring opens the closure. These work well, but can be difficult for people to use. This is why I also use lever back clasps. These are the same as what you see on some earrings! You pull down the back of the closure, and unlike lobster clasps, you do not need to hold it there. No spring action!

See photos of the different types of closures I use below.

iridescent shimmer feather stitch markers
Ring Closures for Knitting Stitch Markers

glass stitch markers with lobster clasp
Lobster Clasp for Stitch Markers

amethyst and jasper crochet stitch markers
Lever back Closures for Stitch Markers

How do I use them?

As mentioned above, I do not knit, so I cannot speak to how to add or remove stitch markers to knitting projects. For using the lobster and lever back stitch markers for crochet, however, you can attach them around the last stitch in a row to help count and keep track of stitches. In addition, you can attach the clasp around your loop from your crochet hook so that you’re not worried about your project unraveling when you remove your hook, or if your hook falls out. See the images below for some ideas on how I hook my stitch markers onto my crochet projects.

blue translucent stitch marker
Lobster clasp stitch marker hooked through the last stitch in a row

Lever back clasp used to hold the place of the loop on a WIP

If you’re looking for handmade and unique stitch markers, I have sets available in my Etsy shop. In addition, this year, I’ll be launching the THR Stitch Marker Club. If you’re interested handmade stitch markers right to your mailbox, you’ll want to hop on this email list to be the first to know the details!

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