Socially Distanced Christmas Ideas for Families

socially distanced christmas ideas for families

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Once again, we’re hitting a holiday during a pandemic, while trying to make amazing memories and keep our kids and ourselves happy. Of course, I have some great suggestions for you on having the best holiday at home. Here are some awesome socially distanced Christmas ideas for families.


My kids love games; they love board games and all sorts of games. I do too, if I’m being honest. Would you believe me if I told you my favorite board game used to be Monopoly? I don’t have the patience for that now, but it really did used to be my favorite. My kids love their Monopoly Jr. game. But, if you’re looking for some holiday-based games and not necessarily board games for your socially distanced Christmas ideas, look below.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt from Play Party Plan

Holiday BINGO from The Hooking Reader

holiday BINGO

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss from Amazon (or make your own!)

Snowman Bowling from It’s a Mother Thing

Holiday Tic-Tac-Toe from The Hooking Reader

holiday tic tac toe, socially distanced christmas ideas

Santa Photo Booth from Paper Trail Design

Coloring Pages & Worksheets

This section requires less parental involvement, say if you need to get some cooking done. Set the kids down with some coloring or activity pages and get some time to yourself!

Holiday Activity Bundle

holiday activity bundle, christmas coloring pages, holiday activities for kids

Holiday MadLibs from WooJr!

December Big Book of Printable Activities

december big book of printable activities, holiday activities for kids

Baking Cookies

One of my family’s favorite activities during the holiday season is baking and decorating sugar cookies! We follow an old family recipe, but there are plenty of easy sugar cookie and frosting recipes on covering the web. Check some of these out:

Easy Sugar Cookies Recipe | Allrecipes

Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe | Soft No-Chill Cookies!

Best Sugar Cookies Recipes | Delish

baking christmas cookies, socially distanced christmas ideas

Christmas Light Tour

Another one of our favorite activities every year is driving or walking around neighborhoods to see Christmas lights. If you download the Nextdoor app, they have a “Holiday Cheer” section where you can see all of the houses that have a light show! Don’t forget to print out a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt for the kids!

Build a Gingerbread House

This is one that I definitely don’t go the Pinterest route on. I’m not one to bake all of the gingerbread myself, and I really don’t even like to put the house together. It always seems to fall apart when I do, so I’m a big fan of those kits where the houses come pre-assembled. That way, I’m not annoyed and exhausted by the time the decorating part comes and we can just enjoy it.

build a gingerbread house, holiday activities for kids, socially distanced christmas ideas

Pin Socially Distanced Christmas Ideas for Later

socially distanced christmas ideas for families

Happy Holidays and enjoy making memories!