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This page is where you can shop my crochet patterns. To purchase, click on the photos and you will be directed to Direct Creatives, which is an external site where I have all of my patterns listed. Thank you for purchasing my patterns and supporting me! When you purchase a pattern from a designer, you help them be able to create even more!

Please remember: When purchasing a pattern from a designer, no part of them may be published, resold, reproduced (in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, by photocopying, recording or otherwise), shared, translated, or alters without prior permission in writing from the author. You may sell your finished items from all of my patterns. However, do not use my photos in the patterns as your own.

You can access my free patterns here.

penguin lovey

Penguin Lovey
Crochet Pattern

dinosaur lovey

Dinosaur Lovey
Crochet Pattern

mini chicken stuffie

Mini Chicken Stuffie
Crochet Pattern

blueberry pie lovey

Blueberry Pie Lovey
Crochet Pattern

cow lovey crochet pattern

Cow Lovey Crochet Pattern

unicorn lovey crochet pattern

Unicorn Lovey Crochet Pattern

duck lovey

Duck Lovey Crochet Pattern

bunny lovey crochet pattern

Bunny Lovey Crochet Pattern

apple tree lovey crochet pattern

Apple Tree Lovey Crochet Pattern

leprechaun lovey crochet pattern

Leprechaun Lovey Crochet Pattern

pot of gold lovey

Pot of Gold Lovey Crochet Pattern

emma cowl

Emma Cowl Crochet Pattern

mini gnome crochet pattern

Mini Gnome Crochet Pattern

Again, thank you for supporting me by coming to shop my crochet patterns.

Are you a crochet pattern designer? I have a FREE Crochet Pattern Template that you can use to write up your patterns! There’s a Canva Template, as well as a Word/Google Doc Template.

If you like the free one, and are looking for something with a little more design, or something that will fit your branding, see my other templates for sale, as well as my listing for a completely Custom-Designed Crochet Pattern Template.

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