Scrunchies – 2019’s Biggest Trend

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Welcome back scrunchies, 2019’s biggest trend! You never thought it would happen, did you? You rocked those scrunchies in the 90s, and secretly still wore them around the house, and to bed. Well, they’re back with a vengeance, and I have all of the details for you.

How Did Scrunchies, 2019’s Biggest Trend Happen?

It has now been a couple decades since scrunchies first became popular. That means it’s about time for them to come back in style. We can thank a few things for bringing them back. Celebrities have started wearing them, and they were featured during New York’s Fashion Week. Then of course, we have the VSCO girl trend. Not sure what that is? I wasn’t either, and I’m still not sure I can explain it, so I’ll just leave this right here for you.

Teen Vogue reports that the major reason scrunchies are coming back is the nostalgia everyone is feeling. Of course, when you see Backstreet Boys reunions, movie remakes, and goodness, Disney+, you’re going to start feeling the nostalgia and want to live the good old days again. Plus, who else is tired of hair elastics yanking out your hair?! I don’t know about you but I’m welcoming these scrunchies, 2019’s biggest trend.

What’s In Style?

  • BIG – You’re going to want to go as big as possible when it comes to this trend.
  • BOLD – Use bold patterns and colors.
  • MISMATCH – Don’t match your outfit too closely. This trend is all about being mismatched.
  • MAKE IT MESSY – Keep away from the perfectly combed ponytails, and lean into that messy bun style!

Why Should I Use Scrunchies?

Besides being on-trend, there are may other benefits to using scrunchies. Here’s a quick list:

  • Versatility
  • Comfort
  • No Broken Ends
  • Trendy

Where Can I Get Unique Scrunchies?

Sure, you could buy your scrunchies at your local Target, or even at the grocery store, but why not snag some unique ones from your small business friends?! Etsy sellers and other craft sellers are totally jumping on board with the scrunchies, 2019’s biggest trend. When people ask you where you got your scrunchie, you can let them know it was handmade! How cool is that?!

I’ve been loving making scrunchies lately. The velvet yarn I’m using is SO soft and feels so good on my hair. Big, bold, and beautiful! If you’d like to order some from me, drop your info on this form and I’ll be in touch.

If you’re up for making your own, I’ll have a pattern up soon, and I’ll link back here when it’s finished! In the meantime, check out some of my other free patterns up for grabs.

scrunchies - 2019's biggest trend

Now that you know why they’re back, what’s in style, why you should, and where you can get some scrunchies, you’ll be ready for 2020. I’m pretty much guaranteeing this trend will continue over into 2020. So, let’s say welcome to scrunchies, 2019’s biggest trend AND 2020’s biggest trend.


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