November Stitch Marker Club

november stitch marker club mookaite stitch markers

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November’s focus theme was “harvest” and I feel like you’ll see that here! We had very harvesty colors for stitch markers, and the extras were even more harvest themed stitch markers. See all of the details below. 

Stitch Markers - Mookaite Beads

Mookaite brings out the BEST fall/harvest colors. I knew as soon as I saw these that they were going to be perfect for November. We had three bead shapes for November, and I love that each of the stitch markers turns out unique. 

mookaite stitch markers november stitch marker club
november extra stitch markers wooden stitch markers

Bonus Item - Wooden Harvest Stitch Markers

SHEinspired provided us with some amazing harvest-themed laser-cut stitch markers for November. 

I paired them with these fun yarn-themed enamel pins from Amazon. I think the sheep pin is my favorite, followed closely by the snail. 

Free Pattern - Boot Cuffs from Crafty Bama Stitch

What’s a better pattern to get ready for the cold winter months than boot cuffs? Crafty Bama Stitch has some fantastic boot cuff patterns. 

November was stitch marker heavy, but I’m not complaining. I love being able to collaborate with other small business owners and makers, even if they make similar items to me. 

Happy Crocheting!