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Ronni holding a book and yarn

Hey, that's me! I'm Ronni and
I'm the hooker, writer, and reader
behind The Hooking Reader.

I write all of the posts you’ll see here, as well as design all of the patterns, templates, labels, and more! I love crocheting and creating, but honestly, I typically get bored after making one of each product. That’s why I love designing. It’s always something new, and it’s always something I’ve created completely on my own. This is also why I love providing other makers with the resources to design patterns themselves. Another passion of mine is books and reading. On the occasion that I take a break from my crochet projects, I love picking up a good book. I always want to tell people about my favorites, so I started writing reviews!

In order to truly KNOW me, you need to know why I do what I do. I’m married and a stay-at-home mom to three children and two dogs. I know how easy it is to get lost in mom and wife mode, and lose YOU. By creating The Hooking reader, my mission is to give moms an outlet outside of wife and mom. I want you to find your passion, and take some time for you, whether that’s with crochet hooks and books, or something else, and you’re just here to hang out with us.


The Hooking Reader provides free and premium crochet patterns, as well as tutorials!


Pre-made and custom designed crochet pattern templates to make your pattern-writing quick and easy.


E-books and workbooks to help you learn the basics of pattern-writing, and make it easy for you!


Reviewing and recommending some of my favorite reads. I also take review requests from authors.

Kids Activities

Providing activities and resources for kids to help you find that guilt-free time for you and your business!

Crochet Background

I’ve been crocheting since I was around 12 years old, I think. I started off with the basics; just working up some wash cloths or scarves with simple stitches like single crochet and double crochet. For some reason, they always ended up crooked. As a young kid, I didn’t have the patience or desire to figure out why. I just put it down.

I picked my hooks up now and then, but really dove head first back into crochet after my third child was born in 2018. I wanted some headbands for her, and just didn’t want to pay for the ones I typically see in stores. It went from headbands to baby shoes to dolls and lovies/security blankets. There are many different things I’ve made along the way, and not all of them have turned out how they should. When it came to designing, my heart settled on lovies and stuffies. I love seeing how they come out, and sending them off to homes with loving children (or adults – I don’t judge!)


templates, labels, e-books, and
workbooks for crocheters

Throughout my adult years, I’ve been in and out of direct sales businesses. While I’ve loved the products I used, I decided that just wasn’t the business for me. However, one of my favorite sides of those businesses were designing the different graphics for parties, or social media posts. I wasn’t quite ready to let that go when I made the transition to The Hooking Reader.

Well, thank goodness that I still operate on social media. I love making the graphics for my social media posts, and taking photos of my products. However, I wanted to do more. When I first started writing my own crochet patterns, I felt like I was looking all over the place to find out exactly what should be in my patterns. I also struggled with finding how to determine certain parts, like yardage used in my patterns.

Going through the design process myself, I found some things I wish I would have had from the beginning, and saw a need/market for these products. This is how my crochet pattern templates and other resources for crochet designers came about. My goal is to make the writing and publishing process quick and easy for designers. Designers do enough work when it comes to the actual design process.


canva for crocheters: why you need it, customizable crochet pattern template
canva for crocheters: why you need it, customizable crochet pattern template
customizable crochet pattern template


custom designed crochet pattern template

crochet E-books & Workbooks

How to write a crochet pattern e-book

Learn the basics and essential elements of writing a crochet pattern all in this FREE e-book. Click below to join my email list and get your copy!


What is yardage, why do I have to calculate it, and how the actual heck do I? My free e-book discusses all of that! Click below to join my email list and get yours!

The Ultimate Workbook on Calculating Yardage for Crochet Patterns

Calculating yardage for your patterns doesn't have to be hard. This workbook contains detailed instructions for three different methods to calculate yardage, as well as examples and easy-to-follow worksheets.
ONLY $9.95

Book Reviews

Although I LOVE my crocheting, pattern design, and graphic design, sometimes it’s nice to pop down on the couch and enjoy a book! I love talking about the books I read, so I figured what better way to do that than to review them, and put them out there for others! You can find most of my reviews here on the site, and sometimes I pop small reviews into my Instagram stories!

If you’re an author looking for reviews, please fill out my contact form, and I’ll be in touch!

Activities for kids

In order to help you find that guilt-free time to do something for yourself or your business, I create activities for kids. These include weekly lesson plans, coloring pages, and more! Sometimes I offer up freebies, but for the most part, you can find all of these in my shop! Below is an example of the things you can find in my shop.

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