May 2021 Stitch Marker Club

may 2021 stitch marker club

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May 2021 for the Stitch Marker Club was a month where only monthly subscribers received their packages. Quarterly subscribers will receive another package in July. Here’s a peek at what the monthly subscribers received this month!

Stitch Markers

I went with an “Emerald” theme for May 2021 as it is the birthstone for May. Here are the beautiful stitch markers that my subscribers received.

may 2021 stitch marker club stitch markers

Freebie Bonus – Stickers from Kehrer Berry Crafts

When I can, I’ve been trying to find other small businesses to purchase the subscription bonuses from. For May 2021, Stitch Marker Club members received stickers from Kehrer Berry Crafts. She has these available in her Etsy shop!

may 2021 stitch marker club, stitch markers, stickers

Pattern & Printable

Each month, my subscribers also receive a pattern, either designed by me or a designer I’ve collaborated with, as well as a printable or Canva template. For May 2021, my subscribers receive the Chloe Kid Purse seen below. This pattern was also designed by Kehrer Berry Crafts. They also received access to a Crochet Cheat Sheet Bundle that I put together for them.

chloe kid purse crochet pattern by kehrer berry crafts

We’d love to have you join the Stitch Marker Club with us! Each month, there’s something new, so make sure to get on the wait list to know when registration is open!

may 2021 stitch marker club reveal

Happy Creating,
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