March 2022 Stitch Marker Club

march 2022 stitch marker club

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The month for luck, leprechauns, rainbows, and all things green. Take a peek below to see what subscribers received for March 2022 Stitch Marker Club.

Stitch Markers - Malachite

Being March, I obviously couldn’t pass up making green stitch markers. Malachite made the PERFECT bead for these. 

malachite stitch markers for march 2022 stitch marker club
mini green scissors march 2022 stitch marker club

Bonus Items - Mini Scissors

Again, what’s more perfect than mini green something to go along with the Leprechaun/green theme for march? 

Free Pattern - Leprechaun Lovey

This Leprechaun Lovey is very beginner-friendly and makes for a great baby shower or birthday gift for the leprechaun lovers in your life. 

leprechaun lovey
march 2022 stitch marker club
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