June 2021 Stitch Marker Club

june 2021 stitch marker club

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June 2021 was another month where just monthly subscribers received their packages. Take a peek below at what subscribers received in their June 2021 Stitch Marker Club.

Stitch Markers

The stitch marker theme for June 2021 was ocean. I found these adorable fish and turtle beads and just knew they would be perfect for that theme. There were all different colors of both the fish and turtles. The turtles were a big hit!

Freebie Bonus - Row Counter

This has to be one of my favorite bonuses so far for the Stitch Marker Club. The row counter straps right onto your finger, and with the push of a button, you’re counting stitches or rows! 

octolovey by handmade by hennek

Pattern - OctoLovey from Handmade by Hennek

Shoutout to Nicole at Handmade by Hennek for offering her OctoLovey pattern to my subscribers in June. It fit perfectly with the ocean theme and HOW ADORABLE is it?! 

You can find Handmade by Hennek in the following places: 

OctoLovey Pattern

Printable - The Ultimate Order Tracking Bundle

If you’re a crochet business owner, this is a great bundle for you to help keep track of the orders coming in. Stitch Marker Club members received this PDF as part of their June membership! 

the ultimate order tracking bundle

If you want more information on the Stitch Marker Club, check out the information page, and join the email list to be the first to know when we have any new openings!

june 2021 stitch marker club

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