January Stitch Marker Club

january stitch marker club

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Okay, I know I say this A LOT, but January Stitch Marker Club was my FAVORITE. It might have a little bit to do with how much I love penguins, but oh my goodness, just look how cute!! 

Stitch Markers - Penguin Themed

These adorable penguin stitch markers and these black and white round stitch markers were so perfect to fit in with the penguin theme for January Stitch Marker Club. The penguin for obvious reasons; it’s adorable!

penguin stitch marker and black and white round stitch marker
penguin book buddies

Bonus Item - Penguin Book Buddies

While these weren’t necessarily “crochet-themed”, I thought it was still a fun idea to go with the penguin theme. My subscribers could use these to mark up their patterns or use them on books if they’re also readers. 

Free Pattern - Penguin Lovey

January was another month where I provided the free pattern for Stitch Marker Club. This one is another of my favorites, because duh, it’s a penguin! 

crochet penguin lovey

We’re always looking to add more friends to Stitch Marker Club! It really is such a fun community, and I get so excited putting these packages and themes together each month. If you’d like to learn more about Stitch Marker club, head here.

Happy Crocheting!

january stitch marker club penguin stitch markers
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