Including Yardage in Crochet Patterns

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Besides the actual design itself, calculating yardage is probably one of the most time-consuming tasks when it comes to writing a crochet pattern. It would go so much faster if we could just skip that part, right? Well, sure… BUT, including yardage in crochet patterns is one of the most important steps.

What makes including yardage in crochet patterns so important?

When makers are thinking about starting a project, it’s helpful to know how much yarn they’ll need. Two of the biggest reasons for this are dye lots and product availability.

Dye Lots

Each batch of yarn is given a different dye lot number, because no matter how hard a yarn maker/dyer tries, it just won’t come out the same every time. This happens for big companies, and indie yarn dyers all the same. If you’re buying yarn all at once, the likelihood of the dye lots being the same is a lot higher than if you buy your yarn at separate times.

Product Availability

Another issue is product availability. Yarns go out of stock or get discontinued all of the time. If someone doesn’t start off knowing how much they’ll need for a project, and the yarn is out of stock or discontinued, yikes!

For these reasons (and others), it’s very helpful to include yardage in crochet patterns so makers know what they’ll need ahead of buying your yarn.

So, what units do I include in my patterns?

On yarn labels, you’ll notice that typically listed are four different units of measurement: ounces, grams, yards, and meters. See the photo example of a yarn label below.

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Although the yarn labels list these four units, the unit most frequently used on crochet patterns is yards, hence the term “yardage”.

If you’re used to dealing with grams, centimeters, and meters versus yards, you can very easily use formulas to find out your length of yarn used. My Calculating Yardage for Crochet Patterns E-Book has a quick conversion guide. Check it out!

Help! I have no idea where to start!

I can help! There are three different methods for determining the yardage used in your crochet patterns:

Method 1: Measuring the Entire Project

Method 2: Calculating by Stitch

Method 3: Calculating by Weight

I go into each of these methods in depth in separate blog posts. However, you can snag The Ultimate Workbook on Calculating Yardage for Crochet Patterns, which includes all of the information here, detailed instructions for all of the methods, as well as specific examples and worksheets to help you calculate your yardage! Climb down the rabbit hole and learn ALLLLL about including yardage in crochet patterns.

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