How to Import Goodreads Lists to Litsy

import goodreads lists to litsy

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Litsy is a new(er) web- and app-based social media that revolves around books. The app actually started in 2016. On Litsy, you can post reviews, blurbs, and quotes. You can add images to your posts and tag the book that your post is about. You can also follow other users, and with each book you read or review, and with each new follower, you gain what they call “Litfluence”. In addition, just like with Goodreads, you can add books to your “stacks”. These stacks are already classified for you: To Read, Reading, and Have Read. From what I can see (as of the time of this post) you can’t create your own stack names yet. But that’s okay; I like things simplified. One of the biggest desires I’ve seen for Litsy is wanting to import Goodreads lists to Litsy. Well, guess what?! You can!! I’ll show you how with step-by-step instructions and screenshots in this post. You must do this from a web browser. It cannot be done through the apps.


The first thing you have to do is get your Goodreads Export File. See the step-by-step instructions below:

Log in to Goodreads and the click on “My Books”

how to import Goodreads lists to Litsy

On the lower left side of your page, click on “Import and export”.

getting your Goodreads Export File

Once on the Import/Export page, click the “Export Library” button.

Once your file is ready for download, click the link under the “Export Library” button. The file will be named something like “goodreads_library_export” and will be a “.csv” file. The file will automatically download into your “Downloads” folder on your computer.

How to Import Your Goodreads Lists to Litsy

Log in to your Litsy account on a web browser.

log in to litsy on your web browser

Once on your Profile, click the “Settings/Import” button.

go to settings/import on your profile

Click “Choose a file” and then your files will pop up. Go to your “Downloads” folder, and find the file you just downloaded. Again, it should be labeled something like “goodreads_library_export.csv”. Click “Open”.

import goodreads lists to litsy
import goodreads lists to litsy

Check that the settings are what you want them to be. Then, click “Upload File”. 

import goodreads lists to litsy

Depending on how large your Goodreads library is, it may take a while to import. You can navigate away from the page. The status bar on the right-hand side will keep you updated on the import progress. 

import goodreads lists to litsy

Congrats! You’ve successfully learned how to import Goodreads lists to Litsy! Have fun!

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import goodreads lists to litsy

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