How to Get Your Crochet Business Ready for April Now

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It’s the beginning of March when I’m writing this, so you might already be thinking “It’s too late to get ready for April. You should have done it already.” Well, maybe, but if you haven’t, there’s still hope. See below for some great ways to get ready your crochet business ready for April. There are free patterns, tools to help you work quickly and efficiently, and more! 

What can I make a lot of quickly for April?

Check out the list of quick patterns below that are great for April and the beginning of Spring! 

Free Crochet Ice Cream Pint Cozy Pattern from Avery Lane Creations

Free Easy Double Thick Crochet Potholder from Sarah Maker

Free Crochet Dish Scrubbie Pattern from The Hooking Reader

These will give you a great start on some awesome quick make for the start of the Spring season. 

Ways to Work Efficiently for April Makes

  • Batch Your Work: It’s like when you’re trying to clean a room. It makes more sense to gather up all of the trash first, THEN take it to the trash can, right? So, do the same with your crocheting. Make up your projects all at once, then sew in all your ends, then package and tag. Batching truly helps. 

  • Use stitch markers to reduce the likelihood of frogging your project: I don’t know about you, but with three kids, a dog, and a husband around, it’s SOOOO easy for me to lose track of my stitches. Do yourself a favor, and mark those stitches so that you don’t lose track and have to frog your project. I’d highly recommend using some super cute Easter-themed ones, like these, but hey, that’s just me getting into the themes of April! 

  • Take breaks when you need them: Getting burnt out because you’re trying to pump it all out will not help you work efficiently or quickly in the long-run. Need a snack? Get one. Need to break for your hands? Get up and do some jazz hands! 

Promote Your Makes Now

People are definitely ready for the upcoming holidays well before the holiday approaches. You certainly have last-minute shoppers, but you can plan both ways. Plan for the people that are ready to buy now, and the people that will be ready last-minute. 

If you get some of those April makes above done, don’t be shy about posting them. 

Tip for promotions: Don’t just share and say “HEY BUY THIS”. What is the value of that product to your customer? Are their hands freezing from holding that pint of ice cream? Are they tired of using store-bought sponges for dish cleaning? Do they want something unique and cute to clean their dishes with? 

Have a great March and April!