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socially distanced easter activities

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This is a hard year. Easter usually brings people together, whether that’s to church, to a family gathering, or both. However, in 2020, that’s just not the case. By now, most states are under some sort of order to stay home. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Easter. Here are some ideas to have the best Socially-Distanced Easter ever. And, let’s hope we never have to experience another again.

Breakfast/Brunch Recipe Ideas for the Best Socially-Distanced Easter

Listen, we’ve been in quarantine. We’re going to want to eat all day, because that’s probably what we’ve been doing all this time anyway. You might as well start in the morning with some yummy food, and snack all the way through. Here are some yummy ideas with links to the recipes for breakfast or brunch.

Image by randomhh from Pixabay


I’m a big fan of a good quiche. I think my favorite things to put in a quiche are broccoli and ham.

Cheesy Potatoes

YUM. Do I need to say more here? I LOVE me some cheesy potatoes.

Fruit Salad

We can’t have all unhealthy stuff, right? Throw some fruit together, call it a salad, and pretend like you’re eating good food for you.

Cinnamon Rolls

Duh. The icing is my favorite.

Breakfast Pizza

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a breakfast pizza, but a friend gave me the idea, so I’m adding it to the list. I like unique and non-traditional pizzas, so I have a feeling I’d like a breakfast pizza.

Resurrection Rolls

We’ve never made these, but since we’ll have extra time on our hands this year, maybe we’ll try it out!

french toast, best socially-distanced easter
Image by Larry White from Pixabay

Baked French Toast

I can’t deny french toast. It’s one of our favorites! We don’t make this often enough either.

Easter Mass at Home

easter mass at home
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Easter doesn’t feel the same to our family without attending Mass. However, we’ve been trying to watch from the living room every weekend. It’s been nice that parishes have been able to do the videos of Mass or live-streamed Masses for us to view. Being able to still “attend” mass helps us to have the best Socially-Distanced Easter in our household.

Still put on the outfits & take the photos

This is the first year I’ve actually found specific outfits for my kids. Well, at least for the girls. And they were matching! I’m still a little sad about it. However, I’m planning on still dressing them up and snapping some photos! It’ll be an Easter to remember, for sure. And, I know they’ll still love their dresses.

Find an online service ahead of time

If you are planning to watch a church service on Easter, make sure you look around ahead of time. See if your regular, or local, parish has a link to their live-stream or video. Make sure you can get it set up, maybe the day before.

Still Connecting with Family for the Best Socially-Distanced Easter

Zoom/Skype Meetings

While we may have to be apart from our extended family and loved ones, that doesn’t mean everyone can’t be included. The nice thing about Zoom and Skype, and other programs like them, is that you can have multiple people and devices on one call. If everyone wants to see the kiddos dyeing eggs, you can send out a Zoom link and all be there together. While trying to keep things as normal as possible, and have the best Socially-Distanced Easter, I think this will be a great option for us.

Notes from Family Members

This one sort of goes along with the next topic of egg hunts. I had a thought that maybe I would have each of our family members send me a text with something they’d like to tell the kids. I’ll type or write them up and hide them in the eggs for the egg hunt with the candy. That way, we can read the notes to the kids as they find them, and they’ll feel the love from afar.

Easter Egg Hunts & Alternatives

Non-Candy Egg Fillers

I had put together a Pinterest board full of non-candy egg fillers. You can definitely check that out, but here are some other great ideas:

  • Food
    • Cereal
    • Crackers
    • Raisins
    • Fruit Snacks
    • Nuts
  • Toys
    • Play Dough
    • Bubbles
    • Stickers
    • Legos
    • Tops
    • Bouncy Balls
  • Other
    • Coins/Money
    • Hair Clips
    • Lip Balm
    • Temporary Tattoos

Scavenger Hunt

My idea for this was to start with a clue for the kids that would lead them to the location of the first egg. In that first egg would be the clue to the location of the second egg, and so on. If you have an early reader, I think this would be great practice for them. Also, this just might keep them busy for longer than a traditional Easter egg hunt.

Above, I mentioned notes from family members. This might be a fun way to include those. Part of the hunt could also be to make a phone call to a family member for their next clue!

Neighborhood Window Egg Hunt

A friend told me about this idea. Their neighborhood is participating in a “Window Egg Hunt”. Their HOA is sending out coloring pages to each household. Kids and families can color these pages, and place them in their windows. Then, they’ll walk around the neighborhood to find all of the eggs they can in neighbor’s windows.

Egg Dyeing Alternatives

best socially-distanced easter, dyeing easter eggs
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

Of course, you have your traditional method of using hot water, vinegar, and food coloring. However, there are some other versions that don’t include food coloring, in case you don’t have it. Some of these do call for food coloring, but they are fun alternatives to vinegar.

Baking Soda Eggs

If you’ve ever tried the baking soda and vinegar experiment, you know how fun it is. Now, imagine adding color and eggs to it!

Kool-Aid Eggs

Do you have some Kool-Aid mix in your cupboards? You can use it to dye your eggs and then drink the leftovers. I promise it won’t have an egg flavor to it.

Shaving Cream Eggs

If you want to avoid using actual eggs right now, check out some of the other activities below for alternatives to have the best Socially-Distanced Easter.

Other Easter Activities for the Best Socially-Distanced Easter

Other than dyeing eggs, there are many crafts and activities to keep you busy throughout the day. I made a short list here, but look at this Pinterest board for more ideas.

Salt Dough Eggs

I’ve seen a few of my friends making these for Easter. I know salt dough ornaments are a popular Christmas-time craft, but try these out.

Easter Egg Suncatchers

I don’t know if everyone has contact paper laying around, but I happen to have some from Winter Break of which we didn’t use much. These will be so pretty hanging in windows, and would go great with your coloring sheets if you end up doing a neighborhood window egg hunt.

Doily Easter Eggs

Okay, doilies are not something I have in the house, but these were too pretty not to share!

Yarn-Wrapped Handprint Carrots

We all know I have plenty of yarn laying around. Even if you have a little bit of yarn, you could whip up these cute carrots with the kids!

String Easter Eggs

Once again, with enough yarn laying around here, we may be attempting this one. I remember doing something like this before, but I don’t remember it working out that well. Maybe I didn’t let them dry enough.

Dinner Recipe Ideas

best socially-distanced easter
Image by thesonsgrace from Pixabay

Deviled Eggs

I don’t like plain old hard-boiled eggs, but I do love deviled eggs. I like to use our dyed eggs for this!

Plain Old Ham

We typically have your traditional Easter meal, including ham. While I’m more of a bacon fan than a ham fan, this really is an easy way to feed people for a while. If we do make a ham, we use the ham bone later on to make bean soup. It’s one of my husband’s favorite soups to make. I was skeptical at first, but it’s pretty yummy.

All the Sides

I have to tell you, my favorite part of any meal is typically the sides. There’s just something about them. Some great Easter sides to go with ham are oven-roasted green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy (of course), and honey-glazed carrots. I also mentioned cheesy potatoes up under brunch, but I would eat those any time, any day.

Don’t Forget the Dessert

Having a giant sweet tooth, I never forget about dessert. Our favorite dessert to make for Easter is sugar cookies. Of course, we use Easter-themed cookie cutters to make appropriate shapes, whip up some buttercream frosting, and let the kids decorate them.

Other than that, there’s a giant list of potential Easter desserts, including carrot cake.

This is a long list of possibilities to keep you and your immediate family entertained and busy on Easter. We’re all used to something other than whatever this Easter will be. However, the one thing I want you to remember to have the best Socially-Distanced Easter is just to enjoy what you can. Enjoy the moments you do have. Then, next year, be grateful for the time you can spend with extended family.

socially distanced easter activities
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