Free Crochet Pattern: Life’s a Cluster Cowl

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I’m designing this pattern in 2021, and I think we can all agree that life has been a bit of a cluster lately. When I was first looking for fun stitches to use on a new pattern and I came across the Cluster Stitch, I knew right away what I needed to call this pattern. So, here we have the Life’s a Cluster Cowl. And stay tuned, because there will be more fun patterns coming as part of the Life’s a Cluster Collection.

life's a cluster cowl free crochet pattern

Materials Needed

Terms & Stitches to Know

CH: Chain

CL: Cluster Stitch – * YO, insert hook in stitch, yarn over, draw up a loop, yarn over, pull through two loops * Repeat between * two more times. Then, pull through all four loops on the hook. 

FHDC: Foundation Half Double Crochet

HDC: Half Double Crochet

SLST: Slip Stitch


  • This pattern is written in American Standard Terms.
  • I’m a tight crocheter, so just be sure to measure and check the length of your foundation chain around your neck.
  • If you prefer to use a regular chain instead of the foundation row,  you will want to chain 125, then, starting in the second chain from the hook, HDC in each chain to the end. You will still want to make sure to measure your finished chain before joining.


Check the measurement after making your foundation row to see how your gauge compares to mine. You can make the foundation row longer or shorter, depending on your preferences.


Row 1: FHDC 124. At this point, my foundation row measured 27.5″ in length, before connecting. Make sure to test the foundation row around your neck before continuing. Just be sure the number of foundation row stitches is an even number.

Making sure the foundation row is not twisted, connect the two ends of the foundation row together with a SLST. There may be a small gap here, but you will use the beginning tail to sew it together at the end.

Round 2: CH 1. HDC in the same stitch in which you SLST and in the rest of the stitches around. SLST to the first HDC. (124)

Round 3: CH 1. CL in the same stitch in which you SLST, HDC in the next stitch * CL in the next stitch, HDC in the next stitch. Repeat from * to the end of the round. SLST into 1st stitch of the round. (124)

life's a cluster cowl
crochet cowl free pattern

Round 4-5: Repeat Round 2. 

Round 6: Repeat Round 3. 

Round 7-8: Repeat Round 2.

Round 9: Repeat Round 3.

Round 10-11: Repeat Round 2.

Round 12: Repeat Round 3.

Round 13-14: Repeat Round 2.

Round 15: Repeat Round 3.

Round 16-17: Repeat Round 2.

Round 18: Repeat Round 3.

Round 19-20: Repeat Round 2. 

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Thank you to my testers!!

free crochet cowl pattern

Vinodhini Ramesh

life's a cluster cowl

Richelle Gayhart Cricks

life's a cluster cowl

Amber Delsart

Using a lighter-weight yarn on this cowl will make it great for those “in-between” temperatures during Spring and Fall. Enjoy! I love sharing your work, so be sure to tag me on social media @thehookingreader or use #thehookingreader and #thehookingreaderpatterns

Happy Crocheting!

life's a cluster cowl pin