Free Crochet Pattern: Cluster Baby Blanket

cluster baby blanket free crochet pattern

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Welcome to my first baby blanket pattern. I have goals to design more in the future, so I hope you enjoy this one. I was nervous about it, but my testers did great work and gave me great feedback. You can see their variations below. I love the colors they chose and that some decided to make theirs larger to show how you can really make this blanket what you want it to be!

cluster baby blanket free crochet pattern


  • This pattern is written in American Standard Terms.
  • You can make this blanket as big or as small as you want by adding or taking away stitches from the foundation row. Just be sure that you have an even number of stitches in your foundation row. You can also make the blanket as long as you want by repeating more rows. 
  • My finished blanket was 30.5″ wide by 26.5″ long.
  • As an alternative to the FHDC, you can CH 101, then HDC in the 2nd CH from hook and down the rest of the chain. However, with a chain this large, I recommend the FHDC. 
  • In this pattern, Color A is Furls Wander in Cobblestone, Color B is Furls Wander in Amethyst, and Color C is Furls Wander in Snow.
  • Yardage will depend on the size you make, but my tester (pictured below) used 513 yards of gray, 502 yards of white and 116 yards of pink. Her finished afghan was 30″ by 40″. 
cluster baby blanket free crochet pattern

Blanket Pattern

Row 1: With Color A, FHDC 100. At this point, my foundation row measured approximately 30.5″ in length. CH 1. Turn. (100)

Row 2: HDC across the row. CH 1. Turn. (100)

Row 3: [CL in the next stitch, HDC in the next stitch] across the row. CH 1. Turn. (100)

Row 4-6: Repeat Row 2. 

Row 7: Repeat Row 3. 

Change to Color B. 

Row 8-10: Repeat Row 2.

Row 11: Repeat Row 3. 

Row 12-14: Repeat Row 2. 

Row 15: Repeat Row 3. 

Change to Color A.

Row 16-18: Repeat Row 2. 

Row 19: Repeat Row 3. 

Row 20-22: Repeat Row 2. 

Row 23: Repeat Row 3. 

Continue repeating rows like this (3 HDC rows, 1 cluster row, 3 HDC rows, 1 cluster row) and changing color until you reach your desired length. The final length of my blanket was only about 26.25″, but you can make your blanket as big as you want. 

When I got toward the end of my blanket, I did the three rows of HDC, one Cluster row, and then finished the blanket with two HDC rows to match the beginning of the blanket, before moving onto the border.

Blanket Border

For the border, I did HDC stitches all the way around the blanket in Color C. I don’t want to provide a count here, as it may vary based on the finished width and length of your blanket. Just find spaces around the blanket’s edges to place the HDC stitches. SL ST to the first HDC, CH 1. 

Then, make a Shell border. [Skip the first stitch. In the next stitch, place 5 DC. Skip the next stitch. Sl st into the next stitch.] Repeat around the edges of your blanket. Fasten off and weave in all ends.  

Happy Crocheting!

Thank you to my testers!

cluster baby blanket free pattern tester blanket amber
cluster baby blanket free crochet pattern amber
grey and purple blanket draped over brown chair with crochet giraffe sitting on the chair
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