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  • Canva – This is where I design most of my graphics, and all of my crochet pattern templates.

Terms of Use


For best use of my photos, please find my social media accounts, and share from there. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I also have my patterns listed on Ravelry with photos featured there.

If you would like to use photos directly from my website, please do not alter them in any way. Do not crop out my watermark, and be sure to credit me accordingly wherever you are sharing the photos. Please also link back to The Hooking Reader, or www.thehookingreader.com.

Do not claim my photos as your own.

Selling Finished Items

You are more than welcome to sell finished items created from any of my patterns, free or paid. However, be sure to credit the design to me when sharing your finished product. Tag @thehookingreader on any social media accounts, or link to www.thehookingreader.com.

When selling finished items, do NOT use my photos as your own to sell your items. Please take your own photos of your own finished item.

Sharing Patterns

When sharing patterns from my website, please use the link to the blog post. You can link directly to the blog post, or just to www.thehookingreader.com. Do not copy and paste, or recreate a version of the pattern to distribute in any way. Do not claim my patterns as your own.

If you are printing from my website, please do not redistribute this in any way.