December Stitch Marker Club

december stitch marker club

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For December Stitch Marker Club, I tried to make it not SO Christmas-themed, as I know there are other holidays celebrated around this time. Check out the fun stitch markers, bonus item, and free patterns that were provided this month! 

Stitch Markers - Snowman and "Mean One" Themed

We had quite a mix of stitch markers for the December packages. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. It was winter, it was Christmas, I love the “Mean One” theme. So, we went with a wide variety. 

Everyone received one of the Enamel Snowman stitch markers, but when it came to the “Mean One” stitch markers, it was kind of a fun surprise to see which one I pulled out of the pile. 

Bonus Item - Mini Yarn Signs

Well, I somehow forgot to take a picture of the mini yarn signs before shipping them out. I guess I was just too excited about getting them out to subscribers. They were laser-engraved signs with a ball of yarn and then many crochet terms surrounding it. 

enamel snowman stitch marker on multicolored yarn
mean one themed stitch markers in a white ceramic dish

Free Pattern - Mini Gnome

My Mini Gnome pattern was the free pattern that subscribers received for the month of December for Stitch Marker Club. This is such a quick and fun pattern, I thought it was perfect for a quick make in December. 

mini gnome crochet pattern, christmas crochet patterns

I love sharing these peeks into Stitch Marker Club each month. If you’re looking for more information on Stitch Marker Club or how to join, head here. We’d love to have you join us. 

Happy Crocheting!

december stitch marker club the hooking reader
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