Crocheting Without a Magic Ring

crocheting without a magic ring

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Confused by all of these patterns that talk about a magic ring, and curious if you can do your crocheting with a magic ring? Well, if it’s just a tutorial you’re looking for, head here. However, if you’ve tried and tried the magic ring (like me) and just can’t seem to figure it out, I have an alternative for you that is super quick and easy. This works super well for people who want to start Amigurumi without a magic circle.


Chain 2.

Then start wherever your pattern starts in the 2nd chain from hook.

Example: Your pattern says to single crochet 6 in the magic ring. So, you would single crochet 6 in the 2nd chain from your hook!

So easy right?

This changed my crochet life. For whatever reason, I always struggled with working in a magic ring. I kept trying, and always getting frustrated with it. So, I started looking for an alternative, and when I found it, of course I needed to pass it along. When I write my patterns, I do tend to write in magic circle just because most people prefer to work in the magic ring. However, I make a note regarding the alternative option.

Just as a note, pieces that are done crocheting without a magic ring do tend to end up with a bit (but not much) larger of a diameter as opposed to a magic ring, but when you pull your starting length, the center hole should be the same.

Questions? Reach out!

crocheting without a magic ring

You can practice crocheting without a magic ring on these plaid pumpkins!

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