Crochet Order Tracking: How to Keep The Orders Straight

crochet order tracking

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It happens. Something goes viral on social media and all of a sudden we have an influx of orders for the same thing. It makes it harder to keep track of what goes to who! Even if you have a lot of orders outside of any viral makes, it helps to keep track of all of your orders in one spot. If all of your orders come in on one site, like Etsy, it’s not so bad, but if you’re tracking orders from Etsy, Facebook, and other places, it can be difficult. So, let’s talk about crochet order tracking.

Why Track Orders Outside of Websites?

The saying goes that you should never put all your eggs into one basket. Even though I don’t think sites like Etsy are going away anytime soon, it doesn’t hurt to keep a secondary copy of your orders for your records. If you’re a paper person, it makes it even easier to access if you Internet is down!

I’m a digital person. What can I use?

If you’re pretty tech savvy, you can work up your own Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet. Otherwise, you can find pre-made ones for you, some of which are even sold on Etsy or Direct Creatives! In addition to these, I love using a web-based organizer called Trello. It’s like a way advanced spreadsheet that you don’t have to use formulas to create things for. You can insert due dates on orders, add a calendar to your board, and so much more. There is even an option to connect shipping companies like USPS, UPS, and FedEx to your Trello boards.

If Trello sounds like something you would be into, I have a premade Crochet Order Tracker Trello Board Template.

crochet order tracker trello board template

I’m a paper person. What can I use?

A notebook would work fine for this, sure. But if you’re anything like me, you like to see things laid out in an organized format, with columns and rows. Everything has its place, right? No problem. Again, you can make your own sheet with all of the columns and rows labeled how you would want them. You can make it in Word, Excel, or Google Docs, and print it out! However, if you’re not in the boat of wanting to make your own, again, there are order trackers available to purchase online! You can see my printable crochet order tracker on Direct Creatives.

No matter how you like to keep yourself organized, digital or paper, the moral of the story is that it’s nice to have all of your orders in one place. I’d love to hear how you keep your orders and business organized!

crochet order tracking

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