Crochet Foundation Row Tutorial

foundation row crochet tutorial

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Crochet chain stitches are HARD to work with. It’s easier to lose them, or lose track while counting them. Plus, the way they can twist the wrong way when you’re not paying attention; they’re so sneaky!! When possible, I love substituting a beginning chain with the crochet foundation row. This technique uses a base that looks more like a single crochet. You have more to see, and less twisting. Use this step-by-step written and photo tutorial to help you learn how to make your foundation row. There’s even a video tutorial at the end!

What You’ll Need to Practice the Crochet Foundation Row

How to Make the Crochet Foundation Row

Chain 2.

chain 2

Insert into the first chain. Pull up a loop. Yarn over. Pull through the first loop. This creates the stitch where you will insert your hook for the next foundation row stitch.

Yarn over. Pull through both loops. Now you have your first foundation row stitch.

first crochet foundation row stitch

Insert into the previous foundation row stitch you made. (This is the area I mentioned above. See the pictures and video for more help.)

where to insert hook in foundation row stitch

Draw up a loop. Yarn over. Draw through first loop. Yarn over. Draw through both loops. Now you have two foundation row stitches.

almost two complete crochet foundation row stitches

Continue this for as many stitches as are required for your pattern, or as many as you need to keep practicing.

crochet foundation row

The foundation row stitches will replace your chain stitches. Therefore, any pattern you have that calls for a beginning chain of say, 20 chains, you can make 20 foundation row stitches.

Watch the Video – Crochet Foundation Row

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