Crochet Earrings Free Pattern

crochet earrings free pattern

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I’ve had these earrings in my inventory for a while now, and have yet to write out the pattern. It’s so quick and easy, I’m not sure why I haven’t written it out for you. I suppose it’s better late than never though, right? These work up quickly and don’t take a lot of yarn, so I think you’ll enjoy this crochet earrings free pattern. If you want to see how much I sell them for or just want to purchase them, you can do that here.

Here’s what you need to get started:

crochet earring materials
  • 15 mm Heavy Gauge Jump Rings – I use silver, but it really doesn’t matter since they’ll be covered up by the yarn.
  • Weight 4 Yarn – I used cotton, but you could use any weight 4 yarn.
  • 3.5 mm Crochet Hook
  • Your favorite ear wire – I chose a nickel-free one because I have sensitive ears.
  • Tapestry Needle – to weave in the ends
  • Optional: I use my round nose pliers to more easily open the small jump ring on the ear wire, but this can be done without.

Instructions for the Crochet Earrings Free Pattern

1. Begin by joining your yarn to the jump ring by making a single crochet. I find a single crochet here to be easier to work with at the end than a slip stitch.

single crochet onto jump ring to start crochet earrings
first single crochet on jump ring

2. Then, continue to single crochet around the ring until you feel it’s full enough. I ended up with 16 single crochet stitches, including the first one to join the yarn to the ring.

3. Slip stitch into the first single crochet of the round to join.

4. Then, fasten off and weave the tail into the stitches.

completed ring for crochet earrings free pattern

5. Now, fasten the ear wire into the top of a single crochet stitch. I fasten mine to where I ended the round of single crochet stitches.

fasten ear wire

6. Measure out six 5.5″ pieces of yarn.

7. Find the center stitch on the opposite side of the ring from where you fastened your ear wire. Thread two of the pieces of yarn through this stitch to make a loop. Then, pull the ends through the loop to knot them. (See photos for help.) Don’t worry about the length; you can trim all of the ends once you’re finished.

attach first yarn strands
crochet earrings free pattern
first strands of yarn attached

8. Then, attach two more pieces of the measured yarn on each side of the center stitch.

one completed crochet earring
crochet earrings free pattern

Now you know how to make your own crochet earrings from this crochet earrings free pattern. I’m excited to see them on you, or on your customers!

crochet earrings free pattern

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