Calculating Yardage: Measure Your Entire Project

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In my series on calculating yardage, I want to start off with one of the most basic methods which is to measure your entire project. Calculating yardage by measuring your entire project is definitely the most time-consuming way to calculate yardage for a crochet pattern. It’s not the most highly recommended, unless you’re looking to test your own pattern by remaking the entire project again after pulling it out. However, this is likely the most accurate way of finding your yardage.

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Calculating Yardage: Measure Your Entire Project How-To

To use this method, you would make up your entire project following the pattern. Then, you frog (pull out) the entire project and measure yard by yard (or meter by meter, depending on your unit of measurement.) You would want to measure each section of yarn separately. With my patterns, I separate out the yardage needed for the head/top portion and the blanket portion. This way, someone will know the amount they need for each section of the pattern.

Here’s an example of how I list my calculated yardage in my crochet patterns:

calculating yardage: measure your entire project

Other Methods

Of course, there are other ways of calculating yardage for your crochet patterns. In this series of blog posts, I’ll discuss the other two methods I like to use. The next method I will discuss is calculating by stitch. Following that will be calculating by weight. I can’t wait for you to learn all about the different methods.

Go ahead and read the blog posts on the different methods of calculating yardage. Then, I invite you to check out The Ultimate Workbook on Calculating Yardage for Crochet Patterns. This workbook includes all of the information you will find in the blog posts. It also includes detailed examples, as well as worksheets to help you figure out the yardage used in your patterns. There might even be a bonus tracking sheet in there, but you’ll just have to see!

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calculating yardage measure your entire project pin

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