Book Review: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

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Frenemies,  Sam Masur and Sadie Green, that are actually in love with each other, but never admit it to themselves or each other, connect again in a subway station of all places. Once the connection is rekindled, their on again, off again friendship leads them to great success when they design a video game together. Through work, tragedy, and heartbreak, will they eventually come to an understanding of each other? Will they ever admit their feelings to each other? If so, will it lead anywhere. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin was chosen Book of the Year by the monthly book subscription Book of the Month. Find out if I think it really deserved this award. 

My Overall Thoughts on Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

I’ll be honest; I don’t usually like to write reviews on books that I didn’t enjoy. I like providing reviews on books that I would recommend. Now, that’s not to say that I wouldn’t recommend this book to the right person. This book was just not for me, and in my opinion, not Book of the Year material. I feels like was meant for a very specific group of people. 

I know a lot of people must have loved this book for it to get the ratings and awards it did on Goodreads and from Book of the Month. So, maybe I just didn’t get it; maybe this story just didn’t click with me. I actually love video games, so I don’t think that was it. It was a good story, but to me, it was just flat and frustrating. The drama and tragedy felt forced to me, and boy, neither of the “main” characters were very likable to me. The one character I did enjoy was Marx. 

"What is a game?" Marx said. It' tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. It's the possibility of infinite rebirth, infinite redemption. The idea that if you keep playing, you could win. No loss is permanent, because nothing is permanent, ever." - Gabrielle Zevin, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Would I recommend this book?

To the right person, yes. If you don’t really like or understand video games and all of the terms and such that go along with that technology, I’d probably tell you to skip this one. 

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