Book Review: The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd

the book of longings by sue monk kidd

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What if Jesus had a wife? What would she be like? The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd tells the fictional story of Jesus’ life during the time there was little to no record of him. In this version, Jesus has a wife. Ana becomes Jesus’ wife after a series of events lead to her betrothal falling through. Here’s the kicker: Ana is a feminist. Read my review and snag your copy to find out how it plays out.

My Overall Thoughts on The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd

I read this book a while back, and have been trying to figure out the best way to put into words my review on this book. I’m going to do my best, but I think this is one of my all-time favorite books. We’ll just start here. The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd was such a thought-provoking read. I won’t tell you it’s a quick read, but it’s worth the time spent on it for sure.

The idea that Jesus had a wife is really something I hadn’t thought about before, but it does make sense and Kidd did an amazing job toeing the line with fiction and non-fiction. The research was well-done for this story. The fact that Kidd took the story even further; not only does Jesus have a wife, she was a feminist! Can you imagine? If not now, you will be able to after you read The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd.

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My Favorite Character

I have to be honest and say I didn’t really have a favorite character here. I loved the storyline so much that I didn’t have a favorite. I’m not saying I loved all of the characters. But of course, some of them were designed to dislike. Ana’s character was so well-written. She was a feminist, but her love and loyalty to Jesus and his family were unwavering. Don’t let that fool you, though. She was still very true to her own core beliefs.

The majority of us know Jesus’ story, but it was nice to read a parallel story about someone else in his life, even if this is considered fiction. I love reading about and rooting for those characters who challenge the times and cultures they’re living in, regardless of the consequences. Ana did just that.

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Would I recommend The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd?

Yes, yes, absolutely yes. However, let me be upfront. If you will be put off or offended by a fictional retelling of Jesus’ story, this may not be the book for you. Some timelines were adjusted, but for the most part, the non-fictional parts were pretty accurate. Kidd also has some explanations of the way she did and did not alter things at the very end. It was nice to read her research behind the story.

I love Jesus, but it was so interesting to read about the idea of Jesus having a wife, and where she was during all of his evangelizing.

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My copy came from Book of the Month but Amazon has some great options for Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback. As a note, this is an affiliate link and I may earn a commission from your purchase. This will not affect your purchase price in any way.

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