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An apartment sitting job in one of the most famous and beautiful buildings in New York City, with a beautiful view of Central Park. Bonus: it pays $4,000 per month. This sounds awesome, right? But wait, what’s the catch? After losing her job and being tired of the couch at her best friend’s apartment, Jules is desperate. So, when the apartment sitting job comes up, Jules jumps at it. Sure, the rules seem a little strange and it seems like a lot of money just to live in a gorgeous apartment. Not to mention, the history of The Bartholomew is a little eerie. But, what does she have to lose? However, when Jules starts to notice something isn’t right at The Bartholomew, she also realizes how much she truly has to lose. Once again, with Lock Every Door, Riley Sager has created the ultimate thriller. Even if you think you have this one figured out, you’ll keep turning the pages until the very end.

My Overall Thoughts on Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

You guys, I totally thought I had this one figured out from like chapter five. I thought I knew the WHO, the WHAT, and the WHERE. Well, I had part of the WHO figured out, but could have never guessed the rest. This is my favorite thing about Riley Sager novels. Lock Every Door is no different. He ropes you into thinking you can figure it out. This person is involved, oh nope, definitely this one. Then, all your thoughts go flying out the window at the end, and the twist leaves your brain exploding.

I haven’t read a Riley Sager thriller I haven’t enjoyed, so I was definitely hoping this one lived up to my standards. It definitely did. While it might not be my favorite of his, I still loved it. He does such a great job with getting you into the backstory of the characters, and having you root for them. Meanwhile, he’s getting you ready for the ultimate twisty thriller.

My Favorite Character

Oh my word, there was a character in Lock Every Door by Riley Sager that I wanted to love. I SO SO SO wanted to love Charlie, the doorman. At first, I 100% thought he was the person to watch out for. I slowly started to suspect another character, which made me so relieved. Charlie is such a nice man, and really treats all of the residents so well, even the “lowly” apartment sitters.

However, my favorite character ended up being the protagonist. If you read my reviews regularly, you know I typically end up liking the antagonist or a secondary character. This one was different. Jules made for such a strong character. She’s a very independent woman, and to be honest, a badass.

"one time is an anomaly. Two times is a coincidence. Three times is proof." Riley Sager, Lock Every Door

Would I Recommend Lock Every Door by Riley Sager?

The day I don’t recommend a Riley Sager thriller is the day something is seriously, seriously wrong, y’all. However, I will warn you, if you haven’t read one of his thrillers before, they lean toward horror, and they can be very detailed and gory. This one is no exception to that rule. Some trigger warnings for this one include death of family member(s), murder, and kidnapping.

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