Book Review: In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

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You’re sitting with your fiancè, newly engaged. You fall asleep on the couch, and dream it’s five years from now and you’re living with an entirely different man. Surely it was just a dream, but it felt all too real. Dannie Cohan has the seemingly perfect life; a great job, beautiful apartment, and a wonderful and handsome fiancè. What will she do to keep her life on the “right” track, or will she finally give in to taking a risk for love? In Five Years by Rebecca Serle is a well-written story full of love, heartbreak, and finding yourself.

My Overall Thoughts on In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

I had been hearing great things about this book, so I was excited to get into it. If I remember correctly, I finished In Five Years by Rebecca Serle within a day, and that’s quick for me considering having my kids around. When I started the book, I was a little concerned. I didn’t really want to be reading a book about affairs, and I wasn’t sure where the book was going to go. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The way the story played out was not what I was expecting at all. It was a very quick, easy read, while still having substance, love, heartbreak, and a character breakthrough.

in five years by rebecca serle

My Favorite Character

By now, if you’ve been reading my reviews, you’ll know my favorite character(s) hardly ever end up being the protagonist (main character.) I’m really not sure what it is, but this is how I am with movies as well. I always find a supporting character and relate to them. The same thing happened with In Five Years by Rebecca Serle. While I enjoyed Dannie, and she was a great character, with a great storyline, my favorite character was her best friend, Bella. She brought such a carefree personality to the story, while still always being there for her friend, and truly bringing out the best in her friend, as all antagonists should. I think you’ll find yourself loving Bella throughout this book as well.

Would I Recommend In Five Years by Rebecca Serle?

Yes! I would recommend this book, especially if you’re looking for a quick read that still contains some substance. There is some sexual content, so personally, I would recommend it for young adults and up. As a trigger warning, the book does contain adult death, as well as relationships ending.

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I read the ebook version on loan from my library, but if you’re one who likes to either purchase all of your books, or have physical copies (which honestly I do prefer physical copies; I just don’t have the room for them), check it out on Amazon. This is an affiliate link and I may make a small commission from your purchase. This does not affect your purchase price.

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