Basic Crochet Supplies for Beginners

basic crochet supplies for beginners

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You want to learn how to crochet, but feel a bit overwhelmed with what you would need to get started. Here are the basic crochet supplies for beginners you’ll need to start, and I promise it’s not as overwhelming as it seems!

Crochet Hook

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  • You can make your choice between an H-8 (5.0mm) or I-9 (5.5mm) hook when getting started. These are the recommended hooks due to the larger stitch they will create. They’re much easier for a beginner to work with than a smaller hook.
  • Metal hooks are the best to start out with because they glide more smoothly through the yarn than a wooden or plastic hook. They are also more cheap than an ergonomic type of hook. This way you aren’t investing a ton of money into something getting started.
  • Different brands of hooks are shaped differently on the head. This really comes down to preference. Some are more pointed and some are more rounded. I personally prefer the pointed heads, as I feel they are easier to get through stitches.


  • Start off with a more inexpensive yarn, but something that won’t fall apart either. That would become super frustrating to a beginner.
  • The best yarn for the H-8 or I-9 hooks is a worsted weight yarn. These yarns will have a number “4” on the label.

Read this post if you really want to dive into more about hook sizes and yarn weights.

  • I would suggest starting with a light-colored solid yarn if you’re just starting out. Stitches in dark or multi-colored yarns can be difficult to see.
  • Again, to keep it more on the inexpensive side, I would start out with an acrylic yarn. Wal-Mart has a great inexpensive acrylic yarn, or check out Red Heart for another inexpensive option. Red Heart can be found in most craft stores.
basic crochet supplies for beginners


  • You can buy special yarn scissors, but I just found a good pair of inexpensive ones that we had around the house at first. Really, nothing fancy is needed here. You just need to be able to cut your yarn. When people travel with their crochet projects, they even use nail clippers!
  • I would recommend finding scissors that have a small, pointed tip, as these will work best with getting into tighter spaces.

Optional: Yarn Needle

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  • I’m putting this down as optional, but really, with any crochet project, there will be ends to weave. When I started, I tried weaving the ends in with just the crochet hook, but I’ve since found that using a yarn needle is much easier.

Check out this video to see how to weave ends with a yarn needle.

There you have it. These basic crochet supplies for beginners are everything you need to get started with crocheting. Come show us what you’re making and learn more about how to start crocheting in The Crafty Cabin.


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