9 Gifts for the Crochet Addict

9 gifts for the crochet addict

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Do you have a crochet addict in your life? Well, obviously you know what to get them as a gift; something crochet-related! However, you don’t know what that gift should be! No worries. This quick list gives you 9 gifts for the crochet addict in your life!

Yarn - 9 Gifts for the Crochet Addict
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Yarn isn’t cheap, especially depending on what type your favorite crocheter uses and for what they use it. So, sneakily find out their favorite yarn, which really shouldn’t be too hard since they have most likely worked on a project around you. Then, if you don’t know where they usually get it from, a quick Google search will help!

Stitch Markers

If the crocheter in your life is anything like me, they might not buy these for themselves. They’re not a crazy expensive gift, but just something extra that isn’t a “necessity”. However, I can tell you they will genuinely appreciate these as a gifting item! Amazon shopper? Here’s a quick link to some stitch markers.

Crochet Hooks - 9 Gifts for the Crochet Addict
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Crochet Hooks

Since a lot of crocheters are picky about their hooks, this could be a tricky one. You might have to be sneaky in asking them which hooks they like, or if they have some on their wish list. However, it’s still a great gift to give! Some of the most popular hooks can be found on this list.

Pattern & Stitch Books - 9 Gifts for the Crochet Addict
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Patterns & Stitch Books

Although not a crazy expense when it comes to a gift for the crochet addict, these can start to add up! Speaking from experience, the crochet addict in your life can appreciate any patterns and/or tutorials sent their way. However, if you know that they work on specific projects most of the time, snag a pattern or two (or an entire book) with those projects in it. If they work on baby blankets a lot, find one of those. If they do a lot of Amigurumi (stuffed animals), patterns for those are available all over the place. I promise a quick search on Amazon will find you what you need!

Yarn Bowl

There is nothing more frustrating to a crochet addict than tangled yarn, or having to stop hooking to pull more yarn out. There are so many variations of these, so if the crochet addict in your life has a favorite animal or object, it’s likely you could find a yarn bowl for them or maybe even had one custom made. When in doubt, a cat playing with yarn is always funny and cute. The adorable unicorn yarn bowl above is available at 3amgracedesigns.

Lighted Crochet Hook

No way you’ve ever seen your crochet addict trying to finish a project at night while everyone else is sleeping, right? You’re right. You haven’t seen them, because you’re sleeping. A lighted crochet hook is a great gift option for someone who works late into the night in the dark.

Gift Card
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Gift Cards to Craft Stores

If you’re worried you just won’t get them the right thing, a gift card to the yarn or craft store is a very safe bet. You know they’ll appreciate it! You thought of them in more ways than one: gifting for their hobby or business, AND loving them enough to let them choose their own preferred items.

Storage Bags & Containers

No crochet addict can ever have TOO MUCH yarn. There are always more colors to be had, more projects to be made, a different yarn to try. There is also never enough space for all of the yarn. Do you really love them? Build them a yarn wall in their very own space. Don’t have enough room for a craft room or a yarn wall? There are so many different options for storage bags (Thirty-One Gifts has a new line of crafting storage.) Then, trusty Walmart, Amazon, or Target have plentiful amounts of storage bins and towers.

Not sure how this is on the bottom of my list, because as a crochet addict myself, this is my number one ask for a gift this year! It could be because we hookers love puns, or because we just like cozy clothes related to crocheting, but a hoodie or t-shirt with a crochet-related saying on it is a really safe bet when it comes to giving a gift to the crochet addict in your life. Not only do we love clothes, but also mugs for our coffee or tea. Check out A Crafty Concept for some sweet maker merchandise!

Now you should be all set for the holidays, ready to give the perfect gift with these 9 gifts for the crochet addict. You really can’t go wrong here. We mostly just love when people are paying attention to how much we love our hobby and/or business.


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