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Hey, I'm Ronni!
AKA The Hooking Reader
I’m the hooker, writer, and reader behind The Hooking Reader. I write all of the posts you’ll see here, as well as design all of the patterns, templates, labels, and more! I love crocheting and creating, but honestly, I typically get bored after making one of each product. That’s why I love designing. It’s always something new, and it’s always something I’ve created completely on my own. This is also why I love providing other makers with the resources to design patterns themselves. Another passion of mine is books and reading. On the occasion that I take a break from my crochet projects, I love picking up a good book. I always want to tell people about my favorites, so I started writing reviews!

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running a crochet business during a pandemic

Running a Crochet Business During a Pandemic

Holy cow, you guys. This is tough. You're a handmade business, and trying to sell the things that come from your hands and your home during a global pandemic. Some questions that arise: will people ...
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