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Who is The Hooking Reader?

Ronni Crocheting About Me


I’m Ronni, aka The Hooking Reader. I love coffee, yarn, books, pretty things, margaritas, cake, and penguins, in no particular order. 

I started crocheting as a kid, and have picked it back up on and off over the course of my life since then.

I really started making crochet a business in early 2019, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve changed paths a couple times within the crochet industry, but I’ve finally found my home.

After wading through making finished items, along with jewelry, I discovered that my passion lay in designing patterns for beginner crocheters, as well as making stitch markers (playing off my love for making earrings). 

Enjoy peeking around my site, especially the free patterns, tutorials, and book reviews lying around. I can’t wait to get to know YOU more!